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Thank you for your interest in shooting an ICORE match at Mill Creek Rifle Club, sponsored by Mill Creek Practical Shooting League (MCPSL).  Please review the following information about equipment and rules prior to your first match.



No Annual Membership Cost, ICORE Membership not required. Note this is a volunteer sport, Range Officers and set up crews are all volunteers. Help with set up is appreciated.

$15 Member Match Fee for the 1st Revolver, $10 for a 2nd Revolver

What to expect at your first match


You will be introduced to the exciting sport of ICORE competition. This game will challenge your ability to handle your revolver in a game that will combine marksmanship with speed. You will have to safely complete stages (also called courses of fire) that will require you to shoot multiple targets from varying positions utilizing a Time+ Scoring System (the time you shoot the course with time added for shots outside of the A Zone, misses and penalties).

You will begin by getting a safety briefing that covers how our match is run. Please keep in mind that while the briefing will cover basic safety concerns, it is not a "Handgun 101" class. It is expected that every new competitor come with the working understanding of their revolver.

You will then get paired up with an experienced competitor that will work with you through your first match.

What to do when you get to the match

Come early to the match. (Before 8 AM) You will need time to sign in/register and go through a safety briefing. Leave your gun and gear in your car until you check in. Once you check in, you will receive a safety briefing that will inform you of when and where you should handle your firearm during the match.

If you are a CCH carrier, you will be advised on how best to manage your carry gun when you check in.

Please let us know in advance if you are coming so that we can look out for you. Please also let us know if you have a group of new shooters that will all be coming together. This will allow us to optimize your first ICORE match experience.


Safety Policies


Mill Creek Practical Shooting League ICORE is affiliated with the International Confederation of Revolver

Enthusiasts and operates under the most current ICORE edition of the rulebook.

This is a cold range, all guns are carried unloaded.

No gun handling at any time, unless within a designated safety area, or under the supervision of a Range
Officer while preparing to shoot. 


If you drop your revolver outside of a safety area or course of fire, DO NOT PICK IT UP, ask someone to find a range officer who will help to safely retrieve your firearm.




Revolver - There are different divisions in which you may compete at an ICORE match. These Divisions are set up to ensure that you are competing against other shooters using similar equipment. If you are interested in learning more about these rules, you can go to the ICORE web site ( For your first match, if you have a Double Action Revolver we will find a Division that will allow you to get started.

- Open Division, anything including Optics & Compensators
- Limited Division, anything but Optics & Compensators
- Limited 6, same as Limited but restricted to 6 shot Revolvers only
- Classic, same as Limited 6 using Speed Loaders only, no Moon Clips.

There are categories for Lady’s, Junior (<18), Senior (55-64), Super Senior (65-69), Grand Senior (>70), International, Military, Law Enforcement and Snubby.

You need a reliable Revolver that shoots a bullet at least a .32 Magnum caliber or greater capable of meeting the 120 power factor requirements ((bullet weight x velocity)/1000). Revolvers chambered in 9m/.38 Special, and above, will meet this requirement.  We generally do not chronograph at our local matches, but will announce before a match if we do. 

Holster - You need a belt holster that allows you to securely carry your handgun on the strong side of your body. The holster also must cover the trigger guard.

Ammunition Carrier - If you already own a few pouches, bring them. If not, you can probably complete your first match using your back pocket or get a loaner from another competitor.

Moon Clips/Speed Loaders - General guideline for what you will need to successfully complete a stage.

Since a standard course of fire may require anywhere from 4 to 30 rounds to complete 6 Speed Loaders or Moon Clips are a minimum recommendation.  Keep in mind that extra moon clips or speed loaders are beneficial in case of misses or malfunctions.

Ammunition  - The round count at an ICORE match changes every time, depending on what stages are set up. Our typical club match averages  6 Courses of Fire and 100-140 rounds total. If you come with 200 rounds, you will have enough to complete the match and have some to take home.

Belt - You will want to wear the sturdiest belt that you own.

Final Comments About Equipment:

You probably noted the theme - use the stuff you already own. This advice is not intended to discourage you from buying new STUFF. It is meant to avoid buying unnecessary stuff that may not work for you. After you have shot a match or two, you will be able to better determine what you are going to need to help you succeed.  And don’t hesitate to ask other competitors, ICORE competitors are very generous with knowledge and testing of their equipment.  You may have to ask them to stop!

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