Mill Creek Practical Shooting League

Free State Steel Challenge Level II Championship

October 20, 2019

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The 2019 Free State Steel Challenge Championship would like to announce our title sponsorship for this year. Team Match Tracker has graciously signed on to be our title sponsor and will be offering a very valuable tool for each of the competitors that will be participating in the match. For additional information on the tremendous offerings from Team Match Tracker please visit their website at Becoming part of the team also entitles you to some great benefits as well! Check out their website to find out more.


The 2019 Free State Steel Challenge Championship would also like to announce some of our bay sponsors that have donated some absolutely great prizes for the prize table! The prize table is definitely growing with some absolutely great prizes! Each entry gives you another chance at the prize table … if you shoot 2 guns that is two entries … if you shoot the maximum of 6 entries you will get 6 entries for the prize table!


Our current bay sponsors are as follows:


  1. Bushnell – One of the leading producers of optics and other great products for our industry, Bushnell has been a great partner in growing the industry and supporting events everywhere. Whether you are seeking products for your long range rifle or for a great red dot optic for your steel challenge gun, Bushnell has what you are looking for. Please show your support for Bushnell by visiting and look at all of their great products. Some of those great products will be sitting on our prize table!

  2. Hunters HD Gold – If there is a company that has put some serious miles traveling from coast to coast it is definitely Hunters HD Gold. They truly support shooting events all over the place while showcasing some of the best in safety glasses. Not only do their safety glasses offer standard lenses, they also offer them in prescription lenses as well with their proprietary lens coating that allow your eyes to relax. Please show your support for Hunters HD Gold by visiting their website at to find out more information about their great safety glasses. We are pleased to have their product as part of our raffle prizes this year!

  3. – An industry leading partner that sells and distributes the amazing steel target paint we have been using at our monthly matches has donated some great prizes to our prize table. Steel Target Paint was developed specifically for our industry to use on steel targets. Not only does it have amazing coverage, but it also presents each hit that much better! We are very thankful for a partner that helps our industry so much. Please show your appreciation for them by visiting their website at and checking out their great products.

  4. Five Senses Armor – A newcomer to the area, Five Senses Armor is a new FFL to Kansas that also offers custom molded hearing protection as well as custom made target stands geared specifically for competitors. Custom hearing protection can be made on the spot and will offer better hearing protection over your typical over the ear type. The target stands allow for easy setup and stability for holding those heavy 18 X 24” plates we use in steel challenge while allowing the competitor to switch to cardboard targets all while leaving the stand in place. Five Senses Armor has donated some great prizes for the prize table as well so please show your support by visiting their website at as well.

  5. Stonebridge Gunworks LLC – A combination of two great services between partners that corner the market in custom work for your firearms! Stonebridge Gunworks is a licensed fire manufacture that provides some killer Cerakote coating jobs as well high quality Gunsmithing services as well. No corners are cut with this group as they only use the finest available components without taking any shortcuts that could affect the performance of your firearms! The delivery of their custom work delivers the fit, finish, and performance you demand! To get an idea of just how great these folks are and to see how awesome their Cerakote work is, please visit their website at to learn more about the services they deliver.

MCPSL PCC Championship

October 27, 2019

Stay tuned for additional information!

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